This picture was taken in approximately 1974 and shows Ajarn Precha performing a Muay Thai foot sweep on Chuck Quick.  Chuck was Ajarn Precha's 36th student to test to black belt.

Because of LOTUS' aikido and judo throws in addition to sweeps from Muay Thai, it is very important to be able to learn how to fall without getting hurt.  LOTUS students in the 1970's shown here are practicing breakfalls. 

This picture was taken in the 1970's and shows a LOTUS group photo.  In Thailand, the black gi's (uniform) were reserved for black belts, and all the other students wore white gi's.  More information about the uniform colors here.

This picture was taken in the 1970's and shows students practicing the tdream (Kiba Dachi) exercises, which are strikes and blocks practiced from the horse-riding stance.

This picture was taken in the 1970's and shows LOTUS students sparring.  Notice no feet or shin pads.

This picture shows Jack Gentry receiving his black belt certificate from Ajarn Precha Mahachanavong on June 12, 1974.

This picture shows Lotus black belt Mack Petry performing a jump/spring forward roll over several hunched over black belts.  His mat is only as soft as the ground.

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