This picture was taken in 1972 and shows the original American Lotus class.

This picture was taken in 1972 at a public demonstration of Lotus.  Ajarn Precha is performing a knife attack defense on Henry Badgett.  Robert Price, on the right side, is narrating the demonstration.

This picture was taken in 1974 and shows Ajarn Precha overlooking Robert Price executing a self-defense technique.

This picture was taken after the first black belt tests in Thailand.  Two Thai nationals and Robert Price and Henry Badgett were awarded their black belts.

This picture was taken in 1971 and shows Ajarn Precha presenting United States Air Force 8th Combat Support Group Commander Whiting an honorary black belt for his assistance with Lotus.

This picture was taken in the 1970's and shows a Lotus student executing a rear-hip throw.

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