Lotus Self-Defense is a mixed martial art developed by Mr. Precha Mahachanavong (pictured above wearing the black uniform).  Mr. Precha, from Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, was a professional Muay Thai fighter in addition to having a black belt in Kenpo Karate under Senior Grand Master Tony Lasit of the Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute.  Lotus Self-Defense combines brutal elbow strikes, knee strikes, and sweeps from Muay Thai, quick hand strikes from Kenpo Karate, sweeps and throws from Judo, and wristlocks from Aikido to form one systematic and unique martial art.

It's popular today to practice mixed martial arts, but Mr. Precha was forming his mixed martial art when it was not common to see.  Mr. Precha's belief was that what was already good could be made better with the best of other martial arts.  His idea developed into a devastating street-effective martial art called Lotus Self-Defense.  This system is rare since the only people who introduced it to the United States were, with limited exception, American military members who were stationed in Thailand during the Vietnam War.

Throughout this website, you will discover historical information, pictures, videos, audio files, and articles related to Lotus Self-Defense and the martial arts in general.  Enjoy!

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