This picture was taken in 1980.  Its shows many of the dedicated Lotus students in Bend, Oregon thanks to black belt instructors Chuck and Lily Quick.

This picture was taken in 1984.  Chuck Quick is shown in the black gi.  It was traditional in Thailand for only black belts to wear the black gi. 

This picture shows Chuck Quick demonstrating a devastating elbow strike to his opponent's face.  Lotus is known for its knee and elbow strikes.

his picture was taken in 1984 and shows several students performing forward flips.  LOTUS teaches the student how to perform these feats without injury.

This picture shows a Lotus technique that comes from Judo.  You use the person's momentum against them as you use your leg to throw the person behind you.  This is a classic example of the benefits of Lotus, since it does not limit itself to one style, but uses great techniques from many styles.

This picture was taken in 1987 and shows Ajarns Tim Hollembaek and Jeremy Lewis practicing a technique which involves a painful wristlock.

This was picture was taken in August 2009 and depicts black belts from the Bend, Oregon school.