Roy Harrington is a 6th Degree Black Belt, who trained under Ajarn Precha at the original school in Ubon Thailand, while he was stationed there from February 1, 1974 to the end of August 1974, while he was stationed there with the United States Air Force.  Roy originally earned his blue belt in Thailand when he was then transferred back to the United States, although he was ready to test for brown belt.

Upon his return to the U.S., he had the opportunity to train with Robert Price, and immediately tested to brown belt in October of 1974.  Upon leaving the USAF in 1976, Roy moved to Spokane, Washington where he completed his black belt test on August 31, 1978 under instructors Chuck and Lily Quick.  Roy took over the Spokane Lotus program in June 1979 when Chuck and Lily moved to Bend, Oregon to open the current Lotus program there.

Roy visited Ajarn Precha in Thailand in the summer of 2003, spending most of the summer training and learning techniques 81-100, and was awarded his 6th degree black belt at that time as well.

Roy holds a B.S. degree in Exercise Science from Eastern Washington University.  Currently Roy manages his Lotus school, teaching Lotus, competitive kickboxing and cardio kickboxing.  In addition, he has been teaching martial arts for the Spokane School District the past five years and also teaches for Spokane Park and Recreation Department, teaching Lotus and fitness classes. His personal website may be accessed here.

Roy Harrington performing a knife-disarming technique while training in Thailand.  (2003)

This picture shows a younger Roy sparring with another student in front of an audience.