This picture shows Robert Price (04B), Tony Lasit, and Tucker Axum (022-13B) at a Kajukenbo seminar in Las Vegas.  Everybody was honored to have Tony Lasit present.  He had flown in from Hawaii to be with his students.

This picture shows Robert Price, Tony Lasit, and Roy Harrington at a Kajukenbo seminar in Las Vegas.

This picture is great because it shows Roy Harrington and Robert Price.  Both Harrington and Price were students of Ajarn Precha in Thailand.  Price was the first Lotus black belt to open a Lotus school in the United States.  When Harrington returned from Thailand, he was stationed at Edwards Air Force Base and would often make the drive to train at Price's dojo.  It had been approximately 30 years since Price and Harrington had seen each other.  It was a great reunion.

This picture was taken at the Kajukenbo awards ceremony and banquet.  Tony Lasit is observed promoting his student, Dann Baker, to a higher degree black belt.

This picture shows the Lotus group with Tony Lasit.

From left to right: Robert Price, Gabe Harrington, Tucker Axum, Dan Harrington, Tony Lasit, Kraig Stavig, Roy Harrington.

This picture was taken at the Kajukenbo banquet at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino.  We are sitting at Tony Lasit's reserved table.

This picture shows the Tony Lasit family tree.  There are Lotus students and instructors mixed in with Kajukenbo students and instructors.