Pictures from Robert Price's old LOTUS dojo




Robert Price was the first American to test to black belt in LOTUS and also the first LOTUS black belt to open a LOTUS dojo in the United States.  This school was opened in Adelanto, California in 1974.

This picture shows Price's students in his LOTUS class.  Bottom left is Roy Harrington and next to him is Price's wife, Susan.

This picture shows some of Price's students and two black belts from Thailand (William "Dave" Davis & Wendell Hockaday).

This picture shows Roy Harrington, Robert Price, and Susan Price.

This picture shows Susan Price, Robert Price's wife, performing self-defense technique #5 or 6 on Tim Irby.  Susan earned her blue belt under Robert Price, but Ajarn Precha awarded her a green belt (awarded black belt) so she could continue the Lotus dojo if something happened to Robert.