Jeremy Lewis started training in Spokane, Washington under Chuck and Lily Quick. He received his blue belt while there. He later moved to Bend, Oregon not long after Chuck and Lily did sometime in early 1980.  Jeremy was promoted to black belt by Chuck Quick in September, 1986. Jeremy earned his 4th Degree Black Belt in June 1996 from Lily Quick.  Chuck had passed away in 1990.

     Before his passing, Chuck sold his Lotus school to Doug Nill, another black belt who had traveled from Spokane. Jeremy and Tim Hollembaek studied under Doug for about a year, and then Chuck took the school back.  At that point, Chuck asked Jeremy and Tim to make a decision if Lotus would continue in Bend.  If so, then one or the other or both of them would have to step up to the plate. Jeremy wanted a partnership, but Tim told Chuck that he thought there should be one person in charge -- Jeremy.  And so it is today.

     Jeremy is considered a master of the baloy (Thai term for forward flip).  In addition to the Lotus classes, he also regularly teaches women's self-defense classes for COBRA (Central Oregon Battering and Rape Alliance), as well as women's self-defense classes at the Bend school.  Jeremy has also studied Arnis and Judo in Bend.