Gabe Harrington started his Lotus training in 1986 as a youth under his father Roy Harrington. Growing up he participated in a variety of Lotus events and tournaments in the Northwest giving him the opportunity to personally train with many of the students and black belts that have come from the area, including instructors Lily Quick, Jermey Lewis, Tim Hollembaek, Rob Taylor, as well as all his fellow black belts from the Spokane school. In February 1998, Gabe received his 1st degree black belt under his father Roy Harrington. Since then, Gabe has continued his Lotus training by helping his father teach Lotus classes at both his school and with the local school district.

In 2001 Gabe was Promoted to 2nd Degree black belt for his continued involvement and teaching. From 1999- 2003 Gabe also competed around the Northwest as a full contact kickboxer representing Lotus in the ring with a very strong record. He also helped coach their school's competitive kickboxing team alongside fellow black belts Dave Kovac and John Johnston.

In 2003 Gabe traveled with his father and brother to Ubon Ratchathani Thailand to train with Lotus Self-Defense founder Precha Mahachanavong. During their 5-week stay in Ubon, they trained twice a day, six to seven days a week, and had the opportunity to work hands on with the founder and creator of Lotus.  Gabe felt his training with the founder gave him a true insight into this beautiful art and made him a better martial artist. He was promoted to 3rd Degree black belt during his stay there by Ajarn Precha. Since his return, Gabe has continued to teach and now has a continually growing youth class of his own at his father's school in Spokane, Washington.

Gabe Harrington teaching a children's Lotus class in Spokane, Washington. (2005)