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12/10/2010:  Website overhauled.  All pictures were renamed, and some pictures were added.  Check out Germany photo gallery.


11/15/2010:  Ajarn Michael Weeks recently traveled to Thailand to train with Ajarn Precha and his students.  He has provided pictures of his trip.


12/22/2009:  Kajukenbo Senior Grandmaster Tony Lasit provided his official biography, which is now posted online.


02/20/2009:  New photos from our Atlanta, Georgia Gathering.  Thank you Ajarn Michael Weeks for hosting it under such short notice.


10/31/2008:  Happy Halloween!  A new article on realistic training tips has been uploaded on the website.


08/02/2008:  Black Belt Jack Joffe provided some new pictures (July 2008) of Ajarn Precha and his new dojo.  Thank you Jack.


04/18/2008:  There is a new article on "Use of Force."


03/08/2008:  Black belt Jack Joffe provided a copy of his purple belt certificate issued by Ajarn Precha while he was training in Thailand in 1972.


02/25/2008:  Historical letter sent in by black belt Jack Joffe.


06/13/2007:  Ajarn Tim Hollembaek has submitted a book review.