All of my LOTUS students

Receive your letter about 2-3 days ago,  I have to take time to make understand.  About LOTUS Black belt at U.S.  I never hear from them, the student that keep write ???? sent me some ???????? is Lilly and Jack Joffe (Black belt #7).  Exactly all of the ?????? ????

If they start teacher LOTUS they should know what they have to do but I donít ????? ?????? but I donít mind because Black belt LOTUS can do everything if they want to do. It depend on their mind.

You have a good idea about all LOTUS instructor should send the money to me and get the black belt certificate from Thailand.  (Roy never write or sent anything to me; after he and his son go to Thailand UBON and visit me.  I teach him technique 81-100 and ask him to give to all LOTUS black belt, until now I never hear from him.)  Now answer your questions.