20 Dec 1993

All of my LOTUS students,

It take me too long time to write and say hello to all of you but I always hear from Lily (Quick Graves) and some LOTUS students.  Iím very glad to know that all of you now are very good LOTUS instructors and never give up training the art of LOTUS.

Now I close up the Mahachanavong LOTUS Self-Defense School because I am very busy about my business, but I still go out and teach many places such as Police - military police ??? and now I set the name of my new ??? is UBON LOTUS Self Defense institute Thailand.

I have to close for now (nice to hear from all of you) hope this letter finds all of you healthy and happy.

Together we stand, divided we fall.

Happy New Year

Precha Mahachanavong

Your LOTUS Instructor