How does the LOTUS Black Belt Numbering System Work?




You may have noticed from the black belt biography webpage that each LOTUS black belt has a unique number.  This number is unique because:

  • No two LOTUS black belts will ever have the same number

  • You can identify who is the black belt's testing instructor(s)

  • You can see how many black belts from that instructor were promoted before the LOTUS student wearing the black belt.

For example:

Ajarn Mack Petry's unique black belt identifier is "022B."  That means that Petry was the founder's 22nd black belt.  Ajarn Michael Weeks (022-010B) was Petry's 10th student to obtain black belt status.  When Weeks' promotes his first black belt student, that person's unique black belt identifier will be "022-010-001B" or "22-10-1B."  That shows that he is the 1st black belt under Mike Weeks, who is the 10th black belt under Petry, who is the 22nd black belt under the founder.