Mack Petry joined the United States Air Force in 1970.  When he was stationed in Thailand, he began his martial arts training in February of 1973 by studying Lotus Self-Defense under Ajarn Precha Mahachanavong, the founder of LOTUS, at the Mahachanavong School of LOTUS Self-Defense in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.

Ajarn Mahachanavong taught separate classes to the Americans and to the Thaiís.  By attending both the American and Thai classes, Mack learned quickly and earned his black belt on November 2, 1973.  After leaving Thailand, Mack immediately started teaching Lotus in Germany.  Since then, he has taught Lotus in Texas, the Philippines, and Louisiana.  He has competed in martial arts tournaments and is often asked to referee them.  He earned his third degree black belt in 1976 and was awarded his 8th degree black belt in October of 2013.

In addition to holding a third degree black belt in Lotus, Mack also holds a first degree black belt in Hapkido, which he studied when he was stationed in Osan, South Korea.

After an honorable discharge of 24 years from the United States Air Force as a Master Sergeant, Mack returned to his hometown, Abbeville, Louisiana, in 1994.  He opened Petryís Lotus Self-Defense School there.  He also started teaching in the nearby town of Lafayette, Louisiana in March of 1995.

This picture shows Mack Petry (left) blocking a side kick while training in Thailand.

Mack demonstrating a knife disarming technique in Germany.

Mack demonstrating self-defense technique #32 in Germany.