Josh Silverstein began as one of Roy Harrington's "Little Dragons" at the tender age of 6 and received his black belt in 2001.  He has also been active on the Lotus kickboxing team and has a record of 2-0.  He was thrilled to travel to Thailand and study with Ajarn Precha in 2003 and received his 2nd degree black belt that same year.  He continues to spar and train with  the Lotus kickboxing team whenever he is in Spokane, and to assist in teaching Lotus as well.


He graduated from Brandeis University in 2006 and is currently completing a year in Americorps, where he taught outdoor science to 5th and 6th graders at the  University of Idaho's McCall Outdoor Science School in McCall Idaho.  He will return to Boston in the fall 2007 to continue work in the area of environmental education.  He is also an avid downhill ski racer and telemark skier and plays the cello.