Doug Nill and his brother Kevin started training with Chuck and Lily Quick in the late 1970's.  After his service to the U.S. Navy, Doug continued his training under Roy Harrington  in Spokane, Washington.  Doug was promoted to 1st degree black belt on July 14, 1983.  Doug was Roy's first black belt. 

Doug bought the Lotus school in Bend, Oregon in 1986 when Chuck sold it in order to concentrate on his business venture.  He was promoted to 2nd degree black belt on September 1,1986 by Roy.  Doug continued to manage the school until Chuck was ready to once again resume teaching in 1987.  Doug passed away in December of 1988 due to illness.  Doug will always be remembered for his passion for teaching, especially the youth programs.  Doug was also a dedicated father of three children.

Left to Right: Kevin, Roy Harrington, Chuck Quick, and Doug Nill.