Brian Kraemer is a 1st Degree Black Belt who trained under Roy Harrington in Spokane, Washington starting in the early 80's. Brian earned his Black Belt on June 17, 1993 at the age of 18 along with Bill Dirks and Bill Greeson in one of the rare triple black belt tests.

Soon after his black belt test it was off to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. During that time Brian dabbled a bit in Aikido, but was never able to truly dedicate himself to martial arts due to time constraints. He graduated in 1998 with a degree in math sciences.

Brian currently lives in Seattle with his wife and works as a Network Engineer for the University of Washington, the statewide K-20 network, and the Pacific Northwest Gigapop. He is responsible for the Internet access of roughly a quarter of a million people in the Pacific Northwest area.

Fond memories of training in Spokane include being nicknamed "Frick and Frack" with Bill Dirks by Roy, public demonstrations where Brian and Bill Dirks demonstrated "authentic" Muay Thai, and gruelling sparring sessions with Bill Greeson.