Aikido was developed in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba.  Ueshiba was an extraordinary martial artist.  He was a master of the sword, the staff, the spear, as well as the art of ju-jitsu.  The Japanese word Aikido means "the way of harmony."

Aikido evolved in the historic tradition of Japanese warrior arts. It must be understood that studies in earnest Budo is more than a science of tactics and self-defense; it is also a discipline for perfecting one’s spirit.

Aikido teaches the student how to use joint locks and manipulations to control an attacker.  The essence of all Aikido technique is the use of total body movements to create a circular motion around a stable center. Even when a technique appears to be using only one part of the body, close observation reveals the Aikido practitioner's movements are, in fact, total body movements. Some techniques send an opponent flying thorough the air.  For this reason, Aikido teaches the student the correct ways to roll and fall without getting injured.


Aikido has been made really popular by action movie star Steven Seagal, who often uses his aikido skills in his movies.